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The Saint

In each waking hour there is breath 
And when life is found it is given
Do not deceive for I tell you of past saints
Where there is life it is found forgiven 
It is never forsaken 
If it is so it is made
Do not waste my time
Do not bare the comfort of my pain
When you can deed
If it is too as then it is to be for given
Why waste your time in unrecognition
Not of the mercy of I am 
But of the unmerciful nature of anothers sin
Do not blink said I of I that you should pretend that what is not in me is not in you 
Do not mistaken me
For I can speak of sin and I can speak of love 
What is it that you need
Whilst there is blood in my veins so it is to be given
Whilst my palms bare my flesh they got 
And whilst the sun shines so comes the moon