The Shamanic Understanding is that Everything is Alive and Embodies a Spirit.  And Where does this Understanding come from?  We Hear the Word Shamanism but what does it Mean?  What do they do?
Rather than belonging to a particular Faith, the Origins are known to be Ancient and have Survived the oppression of the Earth.  Being of the Earth, Honouring Nature and Her Kingdoms.  Instead of talking about the various Traditions found around the World, I would prefer to Ask you to consider what Nature Is if We are not It.  Who are You if We are not a part of Her?
We live in a sick society and a World that is designed for what kind of Human Be-ing?  Alive or surviving...  Are you Thriving?
Let us not complain but Understand, that without Connection and Grounding there is no Truth.  We seem to look in all the wrong places, but where do they Lead?  And to Who?
Life I have learnt is Intrinsic and We Weave the Web in every waking Breath.  I Invoke within You the Answers to your Questions.  The Call of the Heart is the Gift of Her, whatever name Is your God.
If you are interested in Shamanic Healing or Feel Drawn for whatever reason or purpose, please make contact.