The Ancient Roots of Meditation have a Culturally rich History and have been found since findings of early man/woman.  The first evidence of Meditation was found through cave paintings, of a person gazing into the Flames of a Fire which could be said to be a Trance like State. Throughout History, Meditation has Evolved through Religion/Spirituality and now Science.  Meditation has a long and varied past in its use and style, given the Scientific Knowledge now available of its benefits supports its use and acceptance Worldwide.  For a long time it was believed that once your 'child brain' was fully developed, the only thing you could anticipate for the future was a gradual decline.  We now know that our everyday behaviours literally change our brains.  Science shows that our brain develops and adapts throughout our whole lives, this phenomenon is called Neuroplasticity.      

Ultimately Meditation is difficult to personify within a sentence though can be described in countless ways.  It can be described as a Spiritual/Religious practise, or a practise of becoming calm and relaxed, a tool for Enlightenment, a technique to mentally clear the mind and bring emotional intelligence, or a way to teach ourselves Mindfulness.  As I have said, there are various definitions that you can find that typically change depending on style and concept.  I would describe it as, 'A Unique and Holistic Experience Connecting to the Nature of Self.'  It is the Key to Self Awareness and to becoming Present.


What Meditation is not?

Meditation is not stopping the mind or your thoughts.  Meditation is not only for Spiritually minded/free thinking people.  Meditation is not only for certain Religions or Religious people.  Meditation does not make you a part of a cult.  Meditation is not against any particular Religion or Spiritual Faith.  Meditation is not for vegans/vegetarians nor will make you one.  


Is Meditation for me?

Meditation is for everybody as in principle it is Universal.  Although you may prefer or resonate with a particular style, which is what works best for you.    
What will Meditation do?
The Gifts of practising Meditation are perhaps too like the Science, that many that we cannot fully come to know of them all.  It is a tool for Spiritual Development and Science can back this alongside its Physical and Emotional benefits.  Meditation seems like the tool for many and for leaving this World a better place.  As to live our own Truth, first we must find It.