Hello, my name is Anna and I have a Passion for Spirituality and supporting those on their Journey.  I believe that by Honouring the Root cause of illness or dis-ease we can Strengthen and bring Clarity to what was not Conscious before.  As I have found that by treating symptom after symptom doesn't support the Whole, which is why I work Holistically.  This has always been a focus since starting my Healing Journey in my early twenties, Healing the Deep layers of Pain evoked within me the Power to reclaim my Identity and Heal Emotionally.  Through Meditation practise I Evolved Spiritually, and found another way to Heal.  In my late twenties I suffered various breakdowns due to my own disconnection to Mother Gaia.  I see this as a necessary shift in Alignment of Consciousness and Understanding in Living my own Truth, Purpose, in Love and Health of my own Being.  This led me onto the Path of Shamanism.  Understanding in other Cultures how breakdowns are Honoured provided me with a Deeper Self Respect and Acceptance.  Rather than all my Life feeling some thing was missing, the Path has Woven an Intrinsic Magic of the Sacred that fills my daily Life.  Something that I now feel humbly Blessed for (breakdowns and All).
I Love to Learn and I am committed to the Inner Work of Self Mastery.  By Honouring the Truth of our Being we are able to Live it.  We are able to improve the Quality of our own Lives and those around us.  I have found that no matter what Life presents, it is How we deal with it.  This always brings us back to the Principles we Choose to live by Day to Day.  The Gifts of coming into Alignment of Who We Truly Are are simply too much to begin to write.
I am inspired by Growth, Nature, Creativity, Truth and Healing.
May every blessing be yours X