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There is such great peace in being one step behind and one forward

For there always will be

In being half full and half empty

We are divine

In trusting in the creative forces of life we are able to let go

Of the burdens thats carried us through

That kept us in survival

That allowed us to believe we are less than we are

For only through is the end and a new beginning

Only away is death of the soul

A road less travelled is worth more than the abundance of your attire

A love more full

Is the surrender of the soul

The abundance of lifes rides and the fruits of natures power

Are the eternal rights of my passage

Blessed are those who bless within the disguise of life

Home is the place in which we are found

In heaven life is formed within peace is told

These are the qualities of my soul

What is the soul made out of I ask

When heaven is taken

What is it that we yearn for